2020 Webinar Series: Commercial Burners

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This course was designed for:

  • Trained Industry Technicians
  • Vocational School Instructors and Students
  • All Members of the Heating Industry


Today’s heating industry continues to evolve and is more demanding and technically driven than ever before. Nowhere is this more evident that in today’s Commercial Burners. While they may look like their residential brethren, Commercial Burners are designed to meet the more stringent demands of commercial environments. This includes providing energy for appliances that have larger firebox dimensions and larger firing rates. Commercial burners also provide energy for process applications and they have to function within engineered energy management systems. In our Commercial Burners webinar series, we review the various facets of Commercial Burners to provide you with a foundation to drive your success as a technician. This series consists of four (4) modules, each designed to build on one another reviewing the following topics:

The Basics:

  • The difference between Residential and Commercial Burners
  • The various components of commercial burners
  • Commercial burner testing for both oil and gas burners
  • Simplifying burner setup through understanding and applying all of information found in the Beckett OEM Application Guide
  • How to set and adjust combustion air for both manual on-off air bands and electronic low / high and full modulation burners

Wiring and Controls

  • R.W. Beckett GeniSys control
  •  The New Honeywell RM2000 Series fame safeguard including the differences from the RM7800 flame safeguard commercial technicians have worked on for decadesCombustion controls on Beckett commercial burners

Fuel Supply and Control

  • How to get oil or gas to the burner
    • Sizing and piping methods for both oil and gas burners
    • Piping for 2-stage and 2-nozzle oil burners
  • How to control the fuel once it gets to the burner
  • TGSC — what is it and how does it impact installation
  • The Beckett gas-fired commercial product line-up — the same simplicity, quality and consistency you’ve come to expect from Beckett

Four-Step Burner Set-Up

  • How this time-proven process is applied to commercial burners
  • How air adjustments affect combustion test results
  • Breech Pressure
    • Identifying the various breech controls found on commercial appliances and how to set them up for optimal results
  • Understanding “contact time” and how it relates to combustion results
  • Where to take your combustion reading in the system

Commercial Burners was recorded as a series of webinars in May 2020. Each lesson in the course includes the presentation and a Q&A session with our technical specialists. You will also have access to download a PDF of the presentation slides for each lesson.