2020 Webinar Series: The Basics of Oil Burners

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This course was designed for:

  • Trained Industry Technicians
  • Vocational School Instructors and Students
  • All Members of the Heating Industry


Today’s heating industry is more demanding and technically driven than ever before. But even with all of today’s innovations, a thorough understanding of the basics of the combustion cycle and the technician’s ability to properly set up an oil burner is fundamental. This 2020 Webinar Series — The Basics of Oil Burners — was designed to provide that foundation that will drive your success as a technician. This series consisted of four (4) Webinars which were designed to build on one another. When you’re done with all four (4) webinars, you will be able to:

  • List the components of a combustion cycle
  • Apply and adjust a fuel unit / fuel pump
  • Show how input rating changes directly with a change to pump pressure
  • State the differences between an AF and AFG burner
  • Set the electrodes and head positions using the Beckett T-501 and Z-2000 gauges
  • Set the Z dimensions for: F heads and M air tubes
  • Benefits of solid-state igniters
  • Understand operation and sizing of draft regulators
  • Understand nozzle types
  • Learn impact of oil temperature on operation
  • Commission a burner using the 4-step combustion efficiency test

This webinar series also featured Q&A Sessions after each webinar — these Q&A Sessions were also recorded and are available as part of this course.

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